Lost in a Foreign Land
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Is there a web-based tool to extract foreign-language dialog and captioning from imagery-with-text? And in a perfect world, translate it to English?

I've been sucked into an Instagram vortex of comic art. From Japan, Korea, China, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, and France (for now). The Spanish and French, I can mostly just type into a translator. On the other hand, I'm struggling with a workaround for Asian writing (logograms? Is that the correct generalization?). For example (SLIG)

I'm open to a whole range of suggestions, not just the hypothetical web tool. Thanks!
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Best answer: The Google Translate phone app does this very well. I haven't tried it with Asian writing.
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Best answer: Google Translate (the photo bit) works with printed chinese.
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Best answer: We managed to make Google Translate work in Japan this way.
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Best answer: Google Translate (and maps also!) offers offline translation options that do what you're asking for. These are mandatory preloads for me now when I'm travelling.
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Response by poster: Follow-on question: do I have to download an image to 'translate' or does it integrate with images in browsers, fb, Pinterest, etc?
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Best answer: Google Translate works on photos taken with the phone camera.
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Best answer: Google Translate will do live-translation if you point your camera at the screen - I use it all the time on subtitled Japanese videos. Your mileage may definitely vary for handwritten and/or tiny text like the one shown in your example.

You might also want to check out Universal Game Translator mentioned in this FPP - despite the "Game" in the title it should let you take any screenshot and run it through a translator.
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Response by poster: Google translate by popular demand 🙂 thanks!
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