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The cucumber vine is doing its thing again. I have lots of cukes, and am looking for interesting vegetarian/non-dairy ways to consume them. Eggs are okay. Thank you!
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As a component of gazpacho.
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Heidi Swanson of 101 Cookbooks just posted a similar question on her Instagram
and there's lots of interesting suggestions in the comments!
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I just made one of my favorites yesterday --

Make a batch of Israeli (pearl) cous cous
Chop up cucumbers (and tomatoes, if you have 'em)
Toss with fresh herbs, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice (or a bottled vinaigrette dressing, if you prefer)

Also, this recipe for cold sesame noodles with cucumbers is a favorite
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We're eating this on repeat this summer (we actually sub in sugar snaps for cukes for my cuke-hating husband, but I think this would be great): Spicy crunchy veggies over rice

Also this watermelon cucumber salad--just skip the cheese.
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Agua fresco de pepino
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We've been making a lot of this vegan avocado soup with cucumber. It is so refreshing during a heat wave, and as I can no longer eat gazpacho for GERD reasons, and am allergic to dairy, having a new go-to chilled summer soup this refreshing has been amazing.
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equal parts sugar, water, vinegar and plus pinch of salt mixed together to dissolve and poured over sliced cucumbers. let sit in frig for a couple hours before serving. can add tomatoes and/or onions if you want.
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Panzanella. All you need to add is tomatoes, croutons, oil and vinegar. You can add other herbs, and other veg like celery or bell peppers, but those are not necessary.

Or you can swap the croutons out for bulgur and add a crapton of parsley and mint and go with tabbouleh.

....You may come across panzanella recipes that suggest adding mozarella; you can easily just leave that out.
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I have a friend who makes a delicious & refreshing cucumber beer. Just crushes the cucumbers and uses the resulting liquid for the mash.
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I like making a batch of Korean oi muchim, or quick pickling cucumbers (and carrots) for Vietnamese banh mih sandwiches (though sometimes I'll just eat them as a refreshing side salad).
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Smashed cucumber salad! This is a good, simple one but there are many recipes out there to try!
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Mmmmm, Cold Cucumber Soup with Yogurt and Dill!

Sorry, misread, that of course has yogurt in it. :-(
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I currently have several jars of the smitten kitchen easiest fridge pickles in my refrigerator. No foods in my life require less effort for more enjoyment!
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I love bringing slices of cucumber to work to put in my water glass. It impresses my coworkers, feels very healthy and bougie, but really it's just to use up my excess cukes.
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Raita is usually made with dairy, but there are many vegan recipes online. Just search "vegan raita."
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Cucumber is great as part of a popsicle flavor, and once frozen they last for a long time (and can be fun to bring to summer parties). There are tons of different techniques depending on what supplies you want to buy vs DIY. Flavor ideas include cucumber plus: lime and mint, watermelon, chiles and tamarind, matcha, honey and ginger, mango...
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Woah looks like this request really "hit the spot"! Thank y'all so far :) Keep 'em coming!
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slice up your pickles into whatever shape you want your pickle to be, put in jar and cover with a half/half brine of water and rice wine vinegar with a few tablespoons each of salt and sugar. Add to this as much chili flake as you can stand. I call them sweet and hots.
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Sliced thin with a slice of tomato and a slice of white cheese like feta on rye bread.
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I use spiralized cucumber (plus spiralized zucchini and kelp noodles) for low-carb hiyashi chuka (cold ramen) - that's not a vegetarian recipe but just use it as a guideline for the sauce and format and do whatever you like about the proteins.

A lot of my garden cucumbers end up as crackers/carriers for dip/spread, like homemade pimiento cheese.

I've never made it, I swear this is the summer I'll finally do it: Julia Child's braised cucumbers.
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I have been known to leave cucumbers on my front lawn with a "Free to a Good Home".

During the season, I often slice very thin, and then soak in vinegar/sugar/salt. Vinegar to cover, a tsp of sugar, and some salt. We eat a batch with dinner every day.
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Deborah Madison's chile and roasted peanut cucumber salad is my go-to cucumber salad - cool, flavorful, and nourishing.
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If things really get out of hand try the bread and butter pickles from the Ball Blue Book. I put them in half-pints rather than pints and serve them with baked beans. Even more adventurous are fermented half-sour dill pickles. Sandor Katz has instructions rather than a recipe but his method works very well. We just put some into jars yesterday and refrigerated them. They won't keep like canned pickles so use them quickly.
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This Thai Cucumber Salad is a nice twist to the vinegar/sugar/salt soak. (I usually double the dressing because I like my cukes to be drenched.)
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Host a tea party and have cucumber watercress tea sandwiches using mayo in place of the butter.

Or this cucumber, lime, and mint agua fresca looks good
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if it's hot where you are, tile your whole body with chilled slices. Might also be soothing on bites and sunburn. Can also be carved into very good decorative crocodiles. Or halved and scooped out a bit and heaped v various fillings.
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I forgot that m̶y̶ ̶w̶i̶f̶e̶ turtlegirl wrote up her Korean Wilted Cucumber Salad recipe.
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I like them spicy. This "three ways" recipe should get you going; I'd probably do the ma la version plus sugar and MSG to taste and just a little tahini to thicken the sauce. (This is how my favorite Sichuan place does it.)
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My cucumber quinoa salad recipe: one whole diced cucumber, mix in salted peanuts and extra salt to taste. Let sit while quinoa cooks. Combine with cooked quinoa (in whatever ratio you want). Top with sliced avocado. Eat almost every day in the summer.

I also adapted Ina Garten's Roasted Shrimp and Orzo recipe to my own tastes. Leave out the shrimp and feta (and parsley and dill, because I don't like those flavors, but you do you), add in halved cherry tomatoes (another crop I always have too much of) and roasted corn. It is so good and makes enough for dinner and several lunches.
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For something quite different, try them stir fried!
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Lots of cold options here, but you can also Stir Fry cucumbers.

Sounds odd, but I tried it recently when we had a huge oversupply of cucumbers, and it's really good.
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My two favourite ways of eating cucumbers are Thai cucumber salad, which you've already been given a recipe for, and sushi: cucumber maki. Granted, that only uses up half a cucumber, but every little helps, right?
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Returning to say thanks so much everyone! Been exploring these over the past couple of weeks, there are some great recipes here :) Thank you again!
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And btw - apparently putting cucumber in gazpacho is currently something of a controversy in Spain.
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