Recommend me a drawing app for Windows that won't melt my laptop!
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I want to get back into digital drawing, but my PC is dead and my laptop can't handle the likes of Photoshop. What other programs for Windows could my little laptop handle?

I have a Wacom Bamboo Fun- a pretty basic tablet- that I'd like to get back into using. Back when I drew more I used my PC with a copy of Photoshop, however as the years have progressed the PC is slowing and dying and after a move I have a lot less desk space for it (even if it worked and I could afford a new one).

My laptop is fine though, but struggles a little with the big boys like Photoshop, so I was looking for recommendations on programs that are more casual and lightweight RAM-wise, maybe even other programs that might be fun to use a tablet with that I hadn't considered!
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If you litterally mean drawing I've been doing things with Artrage. Not free but very useful and even fun. Using it on a Lenovo Chromebook. is my go to for image editing and has tons of plugins.
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Krita is great, and free for painting (I think you'll only struggle if you try with massive images).
Inkscape is the best free vector-based drawing program I know.
They both have good tablet support.
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Paint Tool Sai remains one of the best things, it amazes me how good it is. I paid for a license years ago and got a ton of use out of it before moving over to mostly working on an iPad.
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I gave Paint Tool Sai a try last night and it seems pretty good, although I haven't had much of a go at it. It's super quick and works great though so that's enough for me for now!

As for Inkscape, I tried learning Adobe Illustrator a few times and always struggled. Vector stuff doesn't click with me but I'll give it a try because I'd really like to get my head around it. Thanks for all the replies!
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Affinity by Serif has 3 programs that work like the big boys. Affinity Designer is like Illustrator, Affinity Photo is like Photoshop and Affinity Publisher is like Indesign. Each of these programs cost only $ subscription. i have not used them on a laptop, so i can't vouch for that, but i suspect they would.
Tutorials are available for the Affinity programs on they also have tutorials for Photoshop and just about everything else. i've not paid more than $25 for a multi-hour tutorial (sometimes 100 lessons and as much as 25 hours in lectures.)
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