Get Me to Venice!
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I have three days in September to get myself from Ljubljana to Venice. I'm seeking advice and tips about the best route.

The goal here isn't to be efficient -- I know I could just take a train straight through --but to maximize pleasure during this time. I'd love to know what you guys enjoyed most in the Slovenian-Italian borderlands.

I enjoy food, culture, quirky sights, little alleyways and cafes, and obviously beautiful scenery doesn't hurt. I'm interested in history and the Austro-Hungarian Empire and I very much dig train travel (although if it is necessary to rent a car and drive around I can do that). I'd probably like to prioritize my time in Italy, because I anticipate having opportunities to return and explore Slovenia on a later trip. I've heard Friuli-Venezia Giulia is lovely and has great food, and I'm intrigued by the idea of spending a night or two at an agroturismo, but I am having a lot of trouble narrowing down the possibilities. Any suggestions for itineraries or stops would be appreciated!
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Trieste of course is an interesting often overlooked town. Oddly, a good stop for James Joyce fans too.

Miramare castle is really beautiful and fascinating. Archduke Maximilian of course went on to become Emperor of Mexico.

One of the best meals I had around there was at Al Cacciatore de la Subida which has great Friuili cuisine. I still have fond memories of the thick slices of Osvaldo prosciutto they hand-carved at our table.
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This is a small thing, but if you find yourself in the Slovenian forest, I am related to one of these men.
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When we traveled from Ljubljana to Venice, we just booked a GoOpti to Mestre and then took the train into Venice. Looks like it’s €22-30.

We just spent some time last month at a couple of tourist farms, and it turns out they’re more like B&Bs. Which is great, but at least the couple we were at didn’t have so much farm stuff going on.
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If I were traveling leisurely from Ljubljana to Venice it would be by rail and I would be stopping at Trieste. I would take along my copy of the Jan Morris book; maybe this time I'd be motivated to finish it.
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