Indoor passionflower vine care?
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I recently obtained a wonderful passionflower vine (Incense) and I have a few questions about how to take care of it.

My main concern is about how often I should repot the vine and what kind of soil is best for it. Right now it's still in the container from the store, which looks about 5-6 inches wide and deep. The vine is still pretty small, maybe 3 feet long, but there's new leaves growing pretty fast. When should I repot it?

As for light, I have a 40 watt grow lamp that seems to be working pretty well. I'd rather keep the plant indoors since winters are pretty cold around here. Any other advice about keeping passionflower vines indoors is welcome!
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Repot it when the roots fill the current pot but well before it is potbound. Go up one pot size each time you repot it. Don't put it in too large a pot because it doesn't get the benefit of the water/nutrients if the pot is too large.

Use a standard container type potting mix. Do not over water and drown or rot the roots; make sure the container drains well.
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