Help me use up my almond meal!
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I got almond meal/flour for this rhubarb coffee cake recipe, which was absolutely worth it...but the recipe only used 1/2 cup of it and I had to buy it in a larger bag. It was shockingly expensive- how can I use the rest of the bag (just a few cups) before it goes rancid in a couple months?

I would prefer to use it in recipes where you can taste the almond at least a little, like in the heavenly one I linked, and not just sub it in for regular flour purposelessly. Assume access to a normal but not exceptional medium-sized city grocery store, and excellent baking skills/equipment but limited improvisation skills.

Make my life more subtly delicious!
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That sounds like the perfect time to perfect your macaron skills. They're surprisingly yummy even if not perfect-looking.
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This orange cake is amazing. You can reduce the recipe if you don't have enough almond meal.

You can also just grind whole almonds in a food processer or coffee grinder to make up the difference. It's what I usually do anyway since that works out much cheaper
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Tarta de Santiago!

P.s. I skipped the caramel, it is served without in Santiago de Compostela!
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I made these bittersweet chocolate brownies with almond flour. They turned out quite well as the almond flour adds some extra depth of flavor that plain white flour does not.
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These brown butter financiers are really tasty.
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It would be great as a mild exfoliant fo your face, mixed with honey or just your regular cleanser
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Persian Love Cake is another option if you like cardamom and pistachios.

I also regularly make orange almond cookies which is quite similar to this recipe. They are dead easy to make and delicious.
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Bakewell tart is a classic English dessert.
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Heartily seconding macarons! Otherwise, if you’re looking for something easy, how about dark ‘n squidgy chocolate torte? I make this cake every other month — it doesn’t fail.
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These spicy hazelnut chocolate chip cookies would probably be good with almond meal; I substitute hazelnut meal for almond meal all the time due to a close friend's allergies and it always works out.

Also, you can always freeze your almond meal! I keep all my nuts and flours in the freezer and it really extends their respective usable lifetimes.
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Dundee cake can consume another 100g of it.

I also came to suggest freezing it, so I'll second Pandora Kouti.
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These vegan, gluten free, paleo, 4-ingredient cookies are super easy and pretty good:
almond flour + maple syrup + baking soda + vanilla.
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Chocolate almond cake - my daughter makes them in a mug in the microwave

Vegan bread - provides the protein you lose when there is no dairy.

A tablespoon in your oatmeal in the morning.

Almond pound cake

Curry sauce - korma is one that uses almond, but you can just mix butter, milk, ground almond and curry powder in a sauce pan until the finger dab test tells you that you have something delectable.

Throw it in the blender and turn it into almond butter for your toast.

Seconding the paleo cookies above, although I make our variation with honey.

Consider freezing it until you have to bring something to a potluck and making it a central ingredient for a vegan and paleo dish. You can bring something everyone will like and two sorts of dietary restrictions appreciate.
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Store it in the fridge - that is important and will make a difference to the flavour, especially now the package is open.
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I'm here to 4th "freeze it" -- you can make little Saran Wrap squares and freeze it in 100g portions, even. (The Saran Wrap is re-useable.) To use it I would make banana pancakes with the almond as a white flour swap -- the taste is a m a z i n g.
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I came in to suggest a slightly different version of the orange cake. It is pure magic.

I chop the oranges and simmer them gently in a little water until tender - saves time.
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I had some almond meal to use up, so made these cookies (very similar to a recipe above):

They're so simple and yum that I bought even more almond meal to be able to keep making them.
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This Nigella Lawson chocolate cake is delicious, and is generally the cause (and sometimes also the solution) when I have ground almonds to dispose of myself.
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We've made these extremely simple almond flour shortbread cookies from King Arthur more than once. King Arthur has lots of other ideas as well.
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Check keto cookbook blogs for baking recipes, which tend to feature a lot of almond meal and/or flour.
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Lemon almond afternoon cake. With homemade lemon curd and coffee or black tea, ideally.
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I love these little raspberry almond cakes I discovered from a French bakery in Brighton, England - apparently they are actually an AU/NZ version of the French financier, and so tasty!

I can’t vouch for this particular recipe for raspberry friands but now I am definitely craving these delicious almondy bites.
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Frangipane is my go-to for almond meal.
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You can also keep in the fridge, it will last a long time.
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I keep my bag of inexpensive Trader Joes almond meal in the freezer, which I substitute for about a 1/4 cup of the flour, whenever I make cookies. It's no trouble frozen; I can easily pour out whatever I need, it doesn't freeze into a solid clump.
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Just this morning I made pancakes from almond meal. I have a recipe that calls for 2 cups of flour, and I substitute half a cup of almond meal and half a cup of flax seed meal for one cup of flour (so in the end it's one cup of flour and one cup of nut/seed meal). Tastes great, and adds some protein to what is otherwise a carbohydrate syrup sponge.
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Italian carrot cake is very different than American (not sweet, no raisins, no spices) but delicious, and it uses 1-2 cups of almond meal depending on the size. I've used this recipe for italian carrot cake successfully, but there are many others floating about too.
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Fruit cobbler/ crumble? Use the almond flour instead of white flour. Especially good with peaches. I make the topping by feel so I don’t have a recipe. Maybe 1:1:1 with flour:sugar:cold butter?
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Almond Flour Snickerdoodle Cookies by Joy the Baker -- I haven't made these yet but remembered seeing the recipe when I read your question. I don't love the flavor of most snickerdoodles due to the metallic aftertaste from the cream of tartar, but I love cinnamon, so I really want to try these.
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I eat keto, and use almond meal in everything. Use it to make a gluten free bechamel. Use it to make fathead dough pizza (which my non-keto family wolfs down). So many uses for almond flour, all delicious.
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I had this Blueberry Coffee Cake the other day, and it was fabulous. You get a bit of the grainy texture of the almond, though maybe not as much of the flavor. It was the moistest blueberry cake I'd ever had.
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This recipe probably requires you to purchase more ingredients that you will then need to use up, but these are insanely delicious. It's tagged as a passover recipe, which was how I found it to begin with, but these are legit 365 days a year good.

To make my life easier, I skip rolling the dough log in pistachios and just sprinkle chopped pistachios one top before I bake them. I also skip the chocolate drizzle entirely.
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