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Do you have a favorite simple shift dress pattern? I am looking for a simple dress pattern with no waist that I can make in a few different fabrics.

The Wiksten shift I think is too voluminous for me, particularly in the shoulders.

The 100 acts of sewing dresses are ok, but also still maybe too wide at the hem and no shoulders. I may be able to modify this to work and may end up with this, but I'm still curious about other ideas.

I had bad luck with the Laurel for some reason, I think the zipper competed with the ease of the dress I was looking for.

I am able to put in a zipper but would rather not have one. I am able to set in sleeves and may prefer at least some sleeve, though sleeveless is ok. I'd like a faced scoop or v-neck. This image from a Japanese book is appealing, but I cannot find any pattern like it. Also, I am big busted so I need to be able to adjust appropriately.

Do you have any that you have made a lot?
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Have you sewn any Cashmerette patterns? They are designed for full busts and come with different pieces for 3 cup sizes, but start at size 12 so may not work for you. The dresses are more complicated than what you want but I am currently putting together my third Montrose top, and planning to extend it to a dress for #4.
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The Cabin dress?

I've made the endless summer tunic. I like it.
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Cielo Dress. Many tutorials out there to change it to a vneck.
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My favorite shift and basic dresses are vintage patterns, all of which I picked up for under $10 at Etsy.

Simplicity 5508, Simplicity 6171, McCall's 2207 and Vogue 6166 and Voque 2166. They all have the high jewel neck common at the time, unfortunately, except the Vogue 6166 and Simplicity 6171 (which is very straight through the hips).

Anyway, it can be a bit of a needle in the haystack, searching through Etsy for a vintage pattern in the right size with the right design details, but I find the patterns much easier to work with than modern indie patterns.
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Tessuti Alice Dress. Easy sew, options from crop top to dress length. I’ve added ties to some of my tops. Dress has pockets and no zipper. I got the pdf pattern and really like it.
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The Fancy Tiger Crafts dress and jumpsuit patterns for sale has many options. Their website shows examples of their patterns on different people, for example the Wiksten shift.
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This pattern is for woven fabrics. If you like knits, the Laundry Day Tee makes up in a couple of hours. All these patterns are quick and easy, so I heartily recommend them. No serger needed for the knits, a very shallow zigzag will do the trick.
And these patterns come with instructions for a full-bust adjustment. There is a facebook group, if you want to see more pictures. Even beginners have success.
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Possibly the Camber set? I've made several Merchant & Mills, but not this one. I think they are well-drafted and (with one ask.me exception) I find the instructions easy to follow. You can find their patterns for sale at a variety of mail order shops, so you can usually find one that ships easily to your location.

It has 12 4 & 5 star reviews at Pattern Review (you'll need a free account to read all the reviews). A Google search brings up many blog posts about it.

I have made a couple versions of their Trapeze dress which is a very wide triangle dress. But It's easy to add pockets and grade the skirt to a narrower swing.
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Seconding Cashmerette, if you fit in their size range! Not having to do my own FBAs is a revelation.

Grainline has several patterns that might work, though you may have to do an FBA (or grade between sizes at the bust, if that's an option for you). It looks like the Willow dress might work for you, but there's a case to be made for the Farrow dress, or lengthening the Scout tee or Uniform tunic.
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