Naked Sleeper Seeks Sleep Romper
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I've been a nude sleeper for like thirty years, but I can't always get away with that. Then I saw this, which fits into my needs if I gotta sleep in a room with non-naked company, but yeah, I don't want to spend $160 because Gwyneth Paltrow says the fabric has some sort of magical woo properties.

I want it to be "cool" as in light fabric, no waist, and definitely not long sleeves or long pants. Loose, but not so loose it gets all tangly when I'm tossing and turning, cuz that's like why I don't wear PJs ever. I've searched, and everything seems to have an elastic waist or made of satin or somesuch, and that's just not what I'm looking for. Am I really going to have to buy this one? I hope not. Please help.
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Forgive me if I'm asking the obvoius, but - have you considered a plain cotton camisole and sleep shorts with a drawstring waist, and you just tie the waist super-loosely? Or a long sleeveless tee?
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Only asking because I have similar issues and have been satisfied with those options.
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Thanks for asking EmpressCallipygos. I'll do that if I have to. But damn if the romper doesn't look worlds better to me.
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I agree with the Empress just on the fact that sleeping in a romper sounds like torture compared with sleeping in hot shorts and a cami, but you think a romper is what works for you, I have found a few options. None of them are perfect, but one of them might work:

Can't quite tell what this fabric actually is: Flora Nikrooz Laurel II Sleep Romper
Buttons might be a dealbreaker? Mapale 7238 Sleep Romper
Yes I recognize this is maternity wear, but it might work anyway: Heather Grey Lace Trim Maternity Sleep Romper
This one feels fairly basic?: Aerie Sleep Romper

I'll see if I can find a few more.

(also, obviously this one is not for you but I needed to share this sassy sleep romper modeling baby)
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Another maternity one might work (don't automatically discount maternity!): Light Blue Shoulder Tie Sleep Romper
Amazon one that might be on the too loose side: Ekouaer Sleepwear Womens ... Romper Pajamas
A fairly skimpy one: Danskin Loose Romper
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Rompers are cute, but I want to warn you... if you move around a lot when you sleep, rompers tend to ge lt all twisted up in your business, if you know what I mean. Apparently I throw my arms over my head when I sleep because whenever my arms/shoulders went up, so did the romper. All parts of the romper, giving me sudden surprise nocturnal wedgies.

And don't even get me started on the fumbling lengths one has to go to if they have to pee in the middle of the night.

Rompers are the devil's sleepwear, unless you are the sort of sleeper that lays down and remains still like a doll all night long.
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I love these cotton nightgowns by Natori. Because they’re a bit longer than short nightgowns, but not too long, they tangle up a lot less than other nightgowns I have.
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I think you should go to walmart and buy the first/cheapest romper you see and take a nap in it. Not having any waist at all and it all being one piece is exactly what's going to make it twist around your body.
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To clarify: The walmart romper would serve as a proof-of-concept for your sleep-in-a-romper idea. If it turns out you do like it, get a better romper, but I strongly suspect it will be the worst imaginable thing to sleep in if you hate beign twisted up in your sleepwear.
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Yeah, being a usually naked sleeper who has tried a few sleep rompers for the same reason, you want bodycon rather than loose. Loose will twist and bunch. Bodycon is cool enough since most of you is exposed. I own this one. For 10 bucks might be worth trying. The drawstring is mostly decorative.
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Not a romper but I hate wearing pajamas and these are as comfortable to me as nothing at all: Ekouaer Sleepwear Set

Very light soft fabric, loose/stretchy, drawstring with no elastic, don’t get tangled in the sheets or around my legs. They even have pockets. I liked them so much I bought two more.
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Rompers are the devil's sleepwear, unless you are the sort of sleeper that lays down and remains still like a doll all night long.

I am pretty much this kind of sleeper and would not wear a romper for the reasons cited - it would crawl up my junk and make getting up to piss complicated, even though I pretty much need to wake up in order to turn over. Shorts and tank top all the way.
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I have a nearly knee length cotton tank. It is loose and comfortable. They make what are like knit boxers for women. You could go with a set like that.
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I also hate pjs because they twist up in my sleep. Right now my favorite sleep garment is actually a tee shirt dress from Target.
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I bought a romper at Target as a swimsuit cover up and lounging around the house thing and I end up sleeping in it all the time and it's the best. This one is the closest to it that I could find. It does have a waist, but it's not binding at all, and also works to keep the top part on me, unlike separate top and shorts combos.
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This isn’t exactly cheap, but oh Lordy do I love it. It somehow doesn’t bunch up, get hot, or get twisted around. I was a naked sleeper for decades and now I wear this every night.
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There's this one on Amazon which isn't cotton but is really cheap.
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If you sign up for the Lunya mailing list you get $20 of your first order, if you do end up pulling the trigger on that romper. I have two tanks from them that I really wanted to dislike based off the price but I quite like them. They both had lots of good reviews though, doesn't look like the romper has any yet.
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My solution is to step in bed in a t-shirt and underpants and take them off under the blanket. If I need to get out during the night, on they go, off again after the deed is done. Nobody should have to sleep in clothes.
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