Advice and insights from notable nonfiction editors?
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I recently read an interview with Jill Lepore in which she described how her editor at the New Yorker, Henry Finder, had helped her tremendously with an essay. I'd like to learn more about how editors like Finder think about editing-- how they approach line edits, structural edits, how they work, what they advise. Looking for articles, interviews, or other resources in which editors like Finder share their insights about editing.

I'm coming up short with Googling. Hivemind, please help!
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Go to the Paris Review and do a search for “The Art of Editing” - I haven’t read these ones, but they have a similar series for poets and fiction and nonfiction writers and they’re really wonderful.
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As a former (small time, freelance) developmental editor, the two books I found most thorough and practical were Scott Norton's Developmental Editing and, even though it's about fiction, James Wood's How Fiction Works. There are lots of other good books about editing on the University of Chicago Press' site, too.
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Not strictly about editors, but Long Form Podcast interviews writers about craft, and some delve into their relationship with their editors, or are editors themselves.
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Good Prose by Tracy Kidder and his editor is exactly this.
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the open notebook has a lot of resources about science writing including things relevant to non fiction in general

also i made a thread on the blue

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