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Is here any way to like or follow things on a pixelfed instance when you have an account on another?

Pixelfed.social is closed to signups and none of the others are large enough to be viable. I've tried creating an account on the next largest instance, but I can't search for anything on other instances. When I google search while logged into my instance, and try to like things on pixelfed.social, I can't. What gives? Google searching extensively for an answer has gotten me a big, fat, nowhere. There are plenty of instructions on how to rum your own instance, just no good ones on how to use it and if or how cross-pollination works.
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As far as I know, you just can’t search on an instance that’s not your own. If you find a post via google that you want to like, the current least awful way is probably to copy the URL of the post and paste it into the search box on your own instance. That should bring up the post inside your instance, where you can like, boost, or reply, or click through to the user and see if you would like to follow them.
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but I can't search for anything on other instances.

That is going to be true of any federated service AFAIK. It's kinda the same as email. There is't a place to search for someone's email address, you have to discover it another way and then use it.

I am on PixelFed.social, and the best way I have found to discover other users (currently) on other instances is by stumbling upon them on Mastodon.

Federated services -- especially PixelFed is still being developed and are mostly in their beta stages at this point.

I suggest you reach out to PixelFed's developers either via the development site or via their Mastodon account.
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Response by poster: Moonmilk, I did run across the suggestion to search a URL that resides on another instance, but after multiple tries I can't get that to work at all.

Guess its time to poke at the developers.
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Response by poster: And thanks guys. This is a niche topic and I'm so glad you took the time to answer.
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Glad to help. Personally I am excited about PixelFed, but really hope a native app for iOS comes about. Their web-based uploader is okay.
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