What is this music genre and where do I get more of it?
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I've been addicted to Standish/Carlyon's "Critics Multiply" from their (I think) one and only album Deleted Scenes today. What is it?

I've heard dozens of songs along these lines over the years, but have never quite been able to nail down exactly what this music is. It's a bit new wave/goth, it's a bit dub (I guess), it's a bit...electro?

Even though it's a completely different kind of song, it reminds me a bit of She Wants Revenge's "Tear You Apart", but whereas that song is kind of bright, with poppy edges, "Critics Multiply" is deep down in a dark, smoky, echoey, sexy underground fuck-club.

Can anybody help me find some more of this dark sexy throbby stuff?

Other circuitously similar tunes that just occurred to me before posting:

-Family Band - Night Song
-Fever Ray's first album
-Some of Austra's first album, Feel It Break
-Sylvan Esso's "Coffee"

Also, the general mood that was invoked by hearing the first Black Rebel Motorcycle Club record for the first time.

But what I'm really after is more like "Critics Multiply". Again, all of the above apart from Fever Ray is a little "bright", and not grimy or amorous enough.

Thanks in advance, and sorry for the scattershot examples!
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Response by poster: Sorry, another very similar song (as far as feeling is concerned, and not just because of the title) is Radiohead's "Amazing Sounds of Orgy".
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Best answer: You can start, but not end, by searching on terms like “dark synth pop” “futurepop” (which IMO tends to hew closer to EDM than you’re asking about), and “post punk revival” (which will also include a bunch of things you’re not looking for, as will “dark synthwave”).

If you like Fever Ray you’ll probably like IAMX and maybe Boy Harsher? Spotify mixes with a lot of current goth stuff will also turn up songs with the sound you’re looking for.
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Best answer: Try these:

Dark Wave Revival

Gothic Rock Playlist
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Response by poster: Oh yeah Cold Cave was another one at the tip of my tongue! And of course Massive Attack.

Thanks for the recommends so far folks, very excited to start exploring these tonight!
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An oldie, but perhaps “Goodbye Horses”
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If you like Massive Attack, I guess you probably know Tricky’s solo work?
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Reminds me of ZAZA's "The Call" from their album Cameo.
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I get a Depeche Mode / Joy Division vibe from your example, which is too obvious I guess -- but yes, Tricky, all of Maxinquaye, pretty much. But especially Abbaon Fat Track.
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I think you'd like Young Fathers. Here's a recent single.
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I think some of this fits into the genre of Trip Hop music. That term might be helpful for you to explore more.

I also just last weekend came across what Spotify calls Sludge, which seems to be similar in some ways, but maybe more present day than Trip Hop?
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Response by poster: I know sludge as a kind of metal (my favourite) but I suppose that is technically "sludge metal" - I did not even think to search sludge on its own!

Boy Harsher I had totally forgotten about (recognised the album cover instantly) and that took me on an excellent YouTube journey last night, but all suggestions so far have been excellent, thank you!
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Yes, I actually discovered Spotify's "sludge" because my husband enjoys sludge metal, and I was looking for that. Not sure if anyone outside Spotify recognizes sludge as a genre separate from sludge metal. But at least it gives you (and I) some artists to seek out.
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Thanks for reminding me of that Standish/Carlyon album! It's been a while since I've listened.

I'd recommend the band HTRK. Coincidentally, the vocalist is Jonnine Standish, who I believe is still married to Conrad of Standish/Carlyon.
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