Something besides a Podcast?
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Last May, a bunch of people responded to a question I posted about whether I should host a podcast about public radio. I may still do that since many of the responses were positive. But I wanted to try something different first.

I want to create one minute summaries based on chapters from my new book about public radio. They would be me on camera, talking impromptu about each chapter. I would talk about why I wrote the chapter, what it covers and ask people to consider if they've ever felt/thought about the chapter. I wanted to try this b/c of what some people said, which was if the podcast told them what was in the book, they wouldn't buy it. Others said podcasts make them more interested in buying a book.

Beneath these vignettes would be some specially created music I commissioned to support the book in its marketing. While I talk about the book, the music would play in the background. I was thinking about putting them on YouTube, but do you think Instagram or some other social media platform would be better? Or even a personal website?

At some point, I may create a podcast since public radio changes slowly and there is certainly enough to talk about. But what do you think about this interim step?
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This seems ideal for YouTube. Instagram has time limits on video (one minute) and doesn't let you scrub through the video.

You can put a link to your book in the description box, as the kids say. I would use the commissioned music as intro and outro music.
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You may want to research how YouTube monetization works vs. length. I am no expert but seem to recall that there may be optimal lengths to target.

I know it sucks but consider Facebook alongside YT for getting your vids out.
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Put it on linkedin, fb, instagram, and yt. You may also want to consider ads on instagram and fb.
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What about a blog? is a good choice to experiment with. I just started a blog there (I used them extensively in the past) with one of their paid plans, but the basic setup is free. It's easy to use (though their new block editor sucks, you can use the classic one). They take care of all the work. You can still host your stuff on youtube. You'd be able to write a bit and have people comment. I'd be more likely to follow a blog rather than a youtube channel. You can link to your blog on other social media platforms too.
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