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1st time to MLB Spring Training - hints?

I'm attending (one game) MLB Spring Training (Mariners, Peoria, AZ) for the first time, and I'm not really sure what to expect. How early should I get there (the game is scheduled for 11 AM)? What should I look for? Are my tickets only good for that game, or are there other games in the same "complex" that I could see? Anything I should avoid? etc. etc - any/all helpful hints greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Well, if you want to see practice, it starts at 9am. There's usually only one game going on each day, unless there are split squads. There will probably be players practicing all over the complex the whole day. Here's the Peoria Sports Complex web site.
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Chat up as many strangers in the stands as you can. Spring training draws fans from all over, and baseball is such a great spectator port in terms of striking up conversations. It's a great way to get tips for your fantasy team -- talking to fans of teams you don't see that often. Also, enjoy not paying seven bucks for a beer.
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(I did a road trip to AZ in 2004 for Spring Training - saw most of the parks, skipped Peoria.)

Walk in whenever you want - you won't be in line for more than five minutes, tops. Don't be late, or you'll end up miss (whatever few) stars you want to see. You may see a split squad game, where only half the team (and half the 25 man roster) shows up. Enjoy the experience - it's a minor league atmosphere with major league (mostly) players, even though no one is there to win (it's about working on mechanics, new pitches, batting approaches, learning new fielding positions, etc., trying to shine individually to make the 25 man, etc.).
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Get tickets now. The M's are the biggest spring draw other than the Cubs, and if you want to go to the actual game (as opposed to the workouts, which are free - and well worth going to...), you'd better jump now. I'm going from the 23rd to the 25th, and there are very few tix left. There are scalpers there, and they don't command ridiculous premiums, but if you want to be sure, get 'em now.

You can always sit on the lawn for $5, but there's no shade out there, and even if it's only 80 you'll roast like a turkey in no time...

Go early (for an 11am game, get there around 9) and soak it all in - go to the minor league fields to watch 'em get drilled on the fundamentals, or to the pitching area to watch guys get work in.

Drop me a line (email in my profile) and I'll give you a lot more info - I go to Peoria every year, and I can give you more in depth stuff (and maybe arrange a meet if our trips overlap!)
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