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Another ID this mystery movie question: a world without men.

Years ago, most likely sometime in the 90s, I walked into the kitchen to grab a snack while my mom was watching TV. I believe whatever she was watching had just started.

I only saw one scene:
Set up like a political ad, there was a woman speaking to the camera in front of some vaguely Washington DC looking place. As she's talking you realize she's POTUS (or running for POTUS). Then the camera pans out and she introduces her wife. There may also have been children (girls) but I don't remember for certain.

I asked my mom what she was watching and she said "a thing on the Sci Fi channel, a world without men." (At the time I interpreted this as "A World Without Men" as if it were the title, but googling and IMDB suggest that probably wasn't the title.) This exact scenario played out 1000 times in my childhood (mom is watching something weird and low budget, I ask, she says "a thing on the sci-fi/history channel," I walk away) so I didn't pay any further attention to what was on. But I've wondered what movie this could have possibly been a LOT since the 2016 election (ahem) and all of my googles have run dry. Turning to you guys for help.

I have done some extensive googling about this. It is NOT the Outer Limits episode Lithia where a peaceful agrarian society of women is disrupted by David Keith. It is NOT the Sliders episode The Weaker Sex which has many men in it. Those were my best hopes. It is also not the 1914 German silent film A World Without Men which has plenty of men in it because the plot involves doctors and lawyers. It is not the 2011 movie Without Men starring Christian Slater. It is not the 2015 mockumentary No Men Beyond this Point which also, extremely frustratingly, stars a man.

You may be noticing a pattern here. I'm sure whatever piece of movie or tv show I saw also eventually had men in it, but from the one scene I saw, the conceit of the plot was definitely that society had become all-female. But anyway, I can't find what the damn thing could have possibly been.

The only hard fact I'm sure of is that there's no possible way whatever I saw was made after 2005, because I had moved out and stopped visiting for long periods by that point and the scenario of seeing my mom watching something in the kitchen is basically impossible.

Really curious as to what this could have been. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
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Best answer: "The Last Man on Planet Earth?"

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Best answer: A better link to a description of "The Last Man on Planet Earth."
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Response by poster: A better link to a description of "The Last Man on Planet Earth."

Oh shit, one and done. Should have asked years ago, lol.
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Best answer: Just FYI, the google query I used was: movie "world without men" president. It was the second result returned.
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Response by poster: Are you flipping kidding me. I got 100000 press releases about some Netflix movie Jennifer Aniston is making. Gaaahh!
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Response by poster: Wow. That was somehow so much better and so much worse than I ever could have hoped for. Thank you.
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OMG. So great and terrible. And some familiar faces! That review linked above amusingly seems a little mansplainery and then suggests the "man haters will love it."
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I think we need a remake. There's some nuance in the script. Like, what if we make women do all the horrible things men do?
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The writer. A few interesting scripts/projects in his background. Okay, I might be obsessed. I'm adding this to my fantasy movie marathon which includes "Mad Max Fury Road" and "Magic Mike XXL."
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Response by poster: That review linked above amusingly seems a little mansplainery and then suggests the "man haters will love it."

Reader, I did.
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