The time (on my computer) it is a changin'....
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New Toshiba Satellite laptop. Every time I turn it on, the hour on the time is different - this morning it was two hours early; I reset it. Now it says 3:49; it's actually 6:49. Why? WHHHHY??
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Make sure your time zone in the windows setting is correct (double click the control panal clock). You should have "Internet Time" checked, so it syncs up.
posted by geoff. at 3:56 PM on March 1, 2006

You're in EST. The laptop thinks it's in California. (PST is the default setting for Windows, presumably because MSFT is based on the left coast.)
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Also, it might be good to check the consistency of your BIOS clock. If something funny is going on with that (dying battery, for example), it could be the cause of your error.

You can access BIOS by hitting F1 or del during bootup (when you see the Toshiba logo, not when you see the Windows loading screen).
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Are you using xp?

I'll assume that you are for now. If what geoff. suggested does not work, then i would recommend turning off windows time.

control panel > administrative tools > services

Find "windows time" and right click to stop the service. Set to disabled. The only drawback is that you'll have to manually set your clock for daylight savings and equally if the power goes out.
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When you turn the computer off, a separate battery inside the computer powers the clock. When the battery runs down, the clock stops and restarts at a random time when you turn the computer back on.

You just need to replace that battery. The type of battery and its location vary from one maker to another, so you should get in touch with Toshiba or the store where you bought the computer for a replacement.
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Since it's new, you should probably let the store replace the battery if you bought it locally.
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If it really is only the hour changing, but the minutes are correct, I find it hard to believe that it is the CMOS battery. Sounds more like crazy Windows time-zone jet-lag as suggested above a coupla times.
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if its a laptop, the internal laptop battery probably powers/charges the cmos clock battery so that shouldnt be a problem. MOst likely your timezone is off.
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