Not everyone understands house music – it's a spiritual thing
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What DJs are spinning classic-style, soulful, funky 90s house music in 2019? I want to subscribe to 'em on Soundcloud or wherever.

I've recently gotten back into house music. (That's an understatement – I'm kind of obsessed. I wish I could inject the shit directly into my veins.)

So I'm looking for DJs to follow on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, YouTube, or wherever. House is so much better when heard in the mix.

But it seems like most of the underground house being released today is "minimal" or "deep" – slower, more subdued, few vocals. More of an atmospheric "music for studying and relaxing" thing.

That's all fine and good, but that's not really what I want. I want joyous, uplifting, soulful tracks that makes me want to shout "hallelujah!". I want beats that work the hell out of the "shuffle" function on that 909. I want stuff that rocks a dancefloor. Not moody stuff for smoking weed on the couch at home.


Quentin Harris – "Stronger (David Morales Muscle Mix)"
Soulsearcher – "Can't Get Enough"
Adryiano – "Open Up"
Urban Blues Project – "Testify (Narcotic Dub Mix)"
Born to Funk – "Let Ur Spirit Go (Born to Funk Mix)"
Soulsearcher – "U.N.I. (The 4 a.m. Satisfaction Mix)"

This father-and-son tag team from Poland is pretty great, too.

As you might have noticed, I like a lot of the stuff on Soulfuric and Defected. (I've already subscribed to Sam Divine on Soundcloud.) And I'm cool with vocals or no vocals. As long as the track bumps.

I also like some of the newer stuff that I've heard from Jacssen, Brame, Geoff Wichmann, Sweely, and Harrison BDP – but even that stuff tends to be too minimal and laid-back for me.

If your recommendation features a bunch of porny bikini photos, please reconsider, because that shit makes me embarrassed to tell people that I like house music (and is generally an indicator of bad music 🙂).

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My buddy Rahaan is rockin' the Deep House in 2019.
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Moodymann? He jumps genres, but "soulful" is the first adjective I'd use to describe him, and there is some house in his releases - he just dropped an LP last month - Sinner. From that selection, "I Think of Saturday."
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Love this stuff! I don't follow a ton of DJs online but here's a few links w/ streams:

Ali Coleman
Joey Negro
Purple Disco Machine
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DJ Koze gives me the warm and fuzzy 90s vibes.
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You want Jax Jones (link to his EP Snacks).
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Give DJ Meegs a spin.
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Yaeji - Raingurl
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Ohhh where to begin!

Denis Sulta -
Deetron -
Low Steppa -

Frits Wentinck, DJ Boring, Mall Grab, Kidnap, Shadow Child, Omar S, George Fitzgerald

I'd also recommend following Lobster Theremin

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Steve boyett who does the podcasts Groovelectric and pod runner plays some delightfully of school house mixes on the former in particular.
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