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Instagram to RSS. Are there any reliable options? Yes, I'm willing to pay.

I really don't like Instagram as an app (I find that it's becoming as ethically loathsome as its parent company facebook). But I love art, and that's where artists are posting these days, so I like to keep track of wayyyyyyyyyy too many Instagram feeds. I was using rss.app to convert my Instagram feeds to RSS feeds, and it was a bit wonky but functional until a few days ago when it stopped working entirely. I've been trying trying to look around for a more serious long-term solution, but haven't yet found anything that's not out of date and/or questionably functional. Does it exist? Are there any RSS readers that have Instagram integration? (I currently use Feed Wrangler and like it, but I'd be willing to switch.)

Further considerations: I am absolutely willing to pay for this, whether it's a service on its own, or a new RSS reader.

No, getting my stream of art from from non-Instagram sources isn't viable for me, if only because it has the largest breadth by far, and lots of the artists I care about use it as their primary (or only) platform.

Because I’m looking at art, any solution that provides low-res or thumbnail images, or requires me to click through to see each post, is not workable. I want a stream of reasonably high-res images from Instagram integrated into my RSS feeds.

Do I have any options?
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I was able to get a functional RSS feed from https://queryfeed.net .. but my RSS reader (Inoreader) only provides links the images. Your reader may be better. Either way, it's a start?
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I just tried it in feedly, and rss.app's Instagram feed generator thing seems to do what you want.
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If you are comfortable with selfhosting then RSS Bridge or RSSBox work perfectly for Instagram - if you are not comfortable with it there are public instances of both services
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