Need short video on environmental issues
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I'm looking for a short video that is a montage of environmental issues the world currently faces. The Prelinger Archives keep timing out on me.

I want to use this as the opening for a video I'm producing for the engineering firm I work for.
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My short answer is "I don't know" but... you might want to try to contact Rick Prelinger directly. He's a super nice guy and pretty accessible, though very busy. He has a blog over here. Email or IM me if you need his phone number.
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I guess it wouldn't be legal but the opening montage to Soylent Green would be perfect. I know there are stock footage dvds you can buy that would easily combine to make what you need.
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Again, wouldn't be legal but you could try "The Wind", which is a short cinema trailer shot by Greenpeace a few years ago. The point of the film is to advertise wind power, but it does so with a montage of environmental issues that might be what you're after.
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