Is there a "searchable" calendar program already out there?
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I've been tasked with creating/finding a program that will allow me to add hundreds of various classes and events to a searchable calendar. It will need to be accessible and searchable for hundreds of employees and access to this calendar will need to be published on our website. More inside.

Initially, I created a very basic excel spreadsheet, with the classes listed in alphabetical order on the left column and the dates of the current month in the right side columns; a separate page for each month and then posted it on the employee website. That's definitely not working.

I have looked for a sophisticated, professional, searchable calendar program, but am having no luck...possibly because I don't know what terms I should be using. Here's the basics of what I need. The ability to:
Search for class/event name and view all the options in order of date offered;
Search for categories of classes/events, (i.e. CEUs offered), and see the options;
Look at a specific date to see which classes are offered on that day;
Add descriptions of each class/event;
(BONUS) Allow individual to register for class/event directly from the page.

I welcome any and all suggestions. THANK YOU!
(FYI: I am an older educator with little computer knowledge).
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Try searching for course listing and registration software. What’s your budget and who’s going to put it on the website?
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Thank you chesty_a_arthur. I will post it on our already existing employee website. I don't know what the budget is yet. I need to see what's out there first, then go from there to get the budget approved.
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You can do that with Google Calendar. Create a Calendar with all the events listed at their proper times. Users can view or subscribe to the calendar. They can search for specific entries by name or look at the overview to see all offerings. They can RSVP if they want to attend. You can append location or other notes as well.
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You can also search for library scheduling software - there are different ones out there at all price points.
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