Where can I find a set of basic, public domain state maps?
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Where can I find a set of public domain images of the U.S.A. and individual States? I am looking for something a little stylized and without much detail, similar to a weather map.

I am looking to build something similar to a weathermap, but with prices (served from a database) rather than temperatures. I'd like to have a map of the entire country which clicks through to images of the individual states. Very little detail is needed except the outline of the state. I am thinking of something similar to the image of Texas on this page. Does anyone know where I can find a free set of these?

Bonus Points: The same as above for Canada and/or state maps with telephone area codes (I know I said no detail, but a boy can dream).
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How about the PDF maps at nationalatlas.gov provided by the US Department of the Interior. They also provide the raw shape file data used to produce the maps.
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Response by poster: b1tr0t: Thanks, I had seen those before but don't have Illustrator and was hoping to not have to carve each state out from the nation. This will probably be what I use though if no pre-made sets come up.
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Wikipedia? You'd have to get rid of the state names though.
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Netstate.com has a free, complete set of state outlines.
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The United States map links at the above site are all broken, however.
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There is or once was a resource called Maps On File. It included reproducible template maps probably intended for use by school teachers. I don't know what's become of it in the digital age, but you might ask your local reference librarian.
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Best answer: This link looks the best to me: nationatlas.gov

Otherwise, the New York State Library (NYSL) has a nice page of links.

Numerous government websites do some (free) interactive mapping, i.e. the "poor man's" GIS. This one from the USGS is as good as any.
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Response by poster: Thanks bim, I found this map of the US and Canada through the NYSL link that is not copy protected and should be pretty easy to play around with in Photoshop.

As a bit of a derail, are the U.S. government maps public domain for citizens of other countries?
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I don't know about the public domain thing. Personally, I wouldn't worry about it that much if this is just something casual. But that's up to you.

BTW, have you considered a basic GIS package. (Forget finding anything free & user-friendly on the internet that allows you to import your own data. It doesn't exist.)

You might want to consider Microsoft Mappoint 2004 (North American Edition). It's a basic, fairly easy to use GIS package (I use it at times). It would be very easy to import a spreadsheet and have it place the prices on the map in each state. I am positive that it would do this for the U.S. I haven't fooled with any Canadian portion of the maps, but I suspect that the underlying structure is there too.

If you are associated with a university or know someone who is, you can get Mappoint at a HUGE discount (50 bucks rather than $300). Something to think about. :)

Good luck.

ps. I know everyone hates Microsoft (count me in), but Mappoint is good GIS package at a reasonable price.
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