Smallish MidAtlantic Beach Towns for Vegetarians
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We have a wedding to attend next July in Annapolis and would like to tack on several days at a nearby beach (under 3 hour drive from Annapolis). Dietary and other snowflakes within.

We just took a lovely beach vacation to the Jersey shore this year but encountered the usual wrinkle my family deals with when traveling: we're vegetarians and my kid is picky in a weird way (example: loves tofu, won't touch pizza; eats dal, rejects pb&j). We had a house with a kitchen but I don't want to cook every single meal when I'm on vacation.

So, since we've got plenty of time to plan for next year, I thought I'd ask the hive mind about Mid-Atlantic beach areas that are quiet, family-friendly and have a few restaurants likely to serve vegetarian food (preference would be East and South Asian cuisines). We'd like to be on the ocean at a beach with good swimming and lots of sand. Thanks!
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The Washington Post's beach guide is a useful overview, with a paragraph that gives the flavor of each nearby beach town. Something in the Rehoboth/Dewey/Bethany stretch is probably your best bet.
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Seconding Rehoboth. Has everything you're looking for and a great mid-Atlantic beach vibe!
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Rehoboth and nearby Lewes both treat me very well as a vegetarian, though Asian food isn't the standout. (Some of my faves are Agave, Mexican, and Azafran, Spanish/tapas.) Rehoboth has the boardwalk and the full beach town experience, Lewes is quieter and on the bay (emptier beaches, but no waves).
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I would recommend Rehoboth as well, but for quiet and family-friendly, Bethany Beach a little further south pretty much prides itself on being "the quiet resort." A bit inland from Bethany is a restaurant that you might be interested in, at the Good Earth Market at their Ocean View location, they have a restaurant and outdoor dining area in addition to the natural foods store. The food is excellent and I really ought to eat there more considering I live within a mile of it.
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