What is the best way to securely record video on an iPhone?
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What is the best way to record video securely on an iPhone so it cannot be deleted by someone else?

I was recording video on my iPhone today at a protest. A security guard knocked my phone out of my hand, picked it up, and deleted the video I was recording. What is the best way to prevent this from happening in the future?

Can I lock my iPhone while still recording video using some kind of app?

Is there a way to record video to a remote location that might need a password to delete?

With something like Facebook live, even though the video is streamed, I think that it can still be retroactively deleted.

Any tips or advice is appreciated. Thanks!
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The one adamrice linkedto is for Texas specifically. If you are in a different US state, then there is likely another ACLU app for your state (important because some recording law depends on your state).

If you are outside the US, I am not sure what the best app is; I also don’t know if the ACLU apps allow you personally to access a copy in the event you lose your own local access.
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Sorry this happened. Sounds like you were basially attacked by that security guard. This is not a technical solution, but something like this phone lanyard will make the physical act of removing the phone from your hands/body harder. Maybe combine this with an App based solution?
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As periodic news stories remind us, live streaming creates an up-to-the-moment, difficult to erase video record. Even if the phone was smashed to bits, the video that had been transmitted remains on the platform (Facebook, YouTube, etc.). I would think this is doubly better than a secure local recording, which would still require you to have access to the phone later to get at it.

True, if they take your phone, they could have access to your Facebook or YouTube account and delete it that way. But I'd bet it'd be recoverable by Facebook with a subpoena. It's definitely important to be ready to lock your phone when things get hairy, or at least have a short lockout timeout.

Does a Facebook Live or YouTube Live stream continue recording even after the phone is locked? Does any app do this?
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Searching for "ACLU APPS TO RECORD POLICE CONDUCT" will take you to a page where you can find ACLU apps for many, but not all, states. I'm sure there are apps from other sources as well.

I'm thinking that streaming is the way to go. With most any other video app, the video file is going to be held open and not available to be backed up or copied until you stop the app.
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