Are phantom tears a thing?
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Multiple times a day for the last couple of weeks, I have had the sensation that there is a wet teardrop on my cheek, just on top of my cheek bone, but when I go to brush it off, there is no wetness.

YANMD, and I will ask my doctor at my planned visit next month, but are these phantom tears a known symptom of something major that I should be addressing immediately?

Googling has failed to produce any results.
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I have this!! It's actually (my doctor believes, and the treatments have helped) something that can be caused by the trigeminal nerve. There's something called trigeminal neuralgia which can cause a lot of pain to some, but can also play weird tricks on what your face thinks is happening on it. For me, when it's very cold, I feel like it's raining on my face, but only on one side.

For me, a low dose of Tegretol taken only on days when it flares up has helped a lot. This is only if it's happening on one side of your face only (my doctor said it happens only rarely on both sides of the face).
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Yeah, it's likely a nerve thing that can be related to various other nerve issues, some of which are, as mentioned above, quite horrible, but some of which are just an annoyance. This is a neurologist appointment situation, not a GP situation.
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