Juul Alternatives?
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Juul helped me quit smoking cigarettes, but uses proprietary pods that are expensive and offer only a limited selection of flavors and nicotine levels. Alternatives?

I have finally stopped smoking using Juul. What attracted me to Juul is the small form factor (doesn’t look like a brick or a pipe bomb), the pull is much like a cigarette, and that it doesn’t emit huge “clouds”. In other words, low profile and discrete.

The cost and availability of the proprietary pods, limited flavors within that system, the limited nicotine concentrations that make it difficult to step down nicotine and eventually quit have all made me want to ask...

Is there a similar vape system that is pod based and refillable with otc nicotine salts, and discrete?

I googled, and what mainly comes up is a few videos and pages from vape stores, but not much from experienced users that weren’t trying to sell something.

Anyone? I’d be very grateful for some advice.
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Google "Boulder Rock Vape Pen". It's a discreet vape pen that has decent draw, recharges with a USB port, and offers refillable pods. They are a PITA to fill after a while, but it's not an insurmountable problem. You buy your own vape juice. Keep in mind that the pods have coils, so the refillable pods don't last forever....maybe 4 refills at most IME, but YMMV.

I use a couple of different Innokin vapes, which are not discreet at all but way cheaper than any of the pod system pens.
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Apologies if this doesn't answer the question but you can definitely buy empty Juul pods to fill with your own juice. I recently bought a knockoff Juul and it came with a handful of empty pods for exactly this.
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I recently quit Juuling! I was spending over $40 A WEEK on pods... ugh. My initial plan was to buy some sort of alternative pod system vape. Buying the vape, replacement pods, and nicotine salt juice for pretty much all the systems I saw was going to be way cheaper than my Juul habit.

I wish I could recommend one specific brand and system, but the reviews are all over the place. I got frustrated and just decided to quit all together. However, I found a great deal of information via the /r/electronic_cigarette subreddit. Here is a Google link that I used to find info on pod vapes. I went to "Tools" and filtered it to display only results from the past year.

I was considering either the Lost Vape Orion, Uwell Caliburn (which looks the most like a Juul,) or the Suorin Air. But, then again, I've read a good number of bad reviews for all of these.

I have also successfully refilled my own used Juul pods. There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube. It might have been the nicotine salt juice I was using, but the brand-name Juul pods were just so much better than the refilled pods and I couldn't keep the refilling habit up.
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I use and enjoy the Smok Nord, which is a refillable "pod mod." It is bigger than the Juul or similar devices, though still way smaller than those giant bricks. I got used to the size pretty quickly. My husband prefers the Smok Stick.

It comes with two coils; if you want a draw that is similar to the Juul (mouth-to-lung, or MTL), use the. 1.4Ω coil. The other one is the big clouds one.

I get juice from Vape Wild, mostly because it is cheap (but I also like their flavors). The welcome pack I linked is 120 mls for $4.44.
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Seconding Boulder Rock. They are cheap, have a built in charger, and the pods hold a lot. You do have to hold the button to hit, but i don’t find it to be a big deal. It just works.

I’ve tried the Sourin Edge and the Sourin Drop. The Edge was the better of the two, I like the extra battery. The Drop is a weird shape, to me, and it takes too much drag to hit it.
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The Smok Nord is the Juul alternative that I've seen a bunch of people using. It's definitely bigger, though you can customize it with different coil resistances and other stuff. It also has a bigger battery and needs to be charged less often. You might want to go to a shop and see if you can handle one and decide if it's too big.

If it's too big, then your options are either sticking with the Juul and getting refillable pods, which is an option (although it can be messy and cheap refill pods are prone to leakage), or pen style vapes.

The issue with pen vapes is that people may assume you're smoking cannabis oil, which might or might not be a bad thing. In my social circle, pen vapes seem to be mostly for "after 5PM" (aka recreational cannabis) and Juuls are for nicotine. This is obviously not a great rule of thumb, as you can get THC pods for Juuls and put nicotine in pens, but it's just something I've noticed. YMMV.
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Still researching, as I still have a pile of Juul pods already bought and paid for, but I really appreciate all the info! You have definitely given me a direction forward - thanks to all!
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