British gold sovereigns - any experts in the house?
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1963 British gold sovereign with George V on it instead of Elizabeth II - error? Counterfeit? Something else?

Maybe a little specific (to say the least) but can't find anything on this on my own. I have a British gold sovereign that appears to have a date of 1963 (which should have the face of a young Queen Elizabeth on the obverse), but instead has George V's far more stern face (1910-1936).

I've searched all I could online and haven't found anything explaining this. I though perhaps the last two digits could have been reversed (many examples of errors with sovereigns), but there was no coin produced in 1936 (which would have been under George V).

I'm almost positive the coin is genuine, but can't be certain. Haven't found anything like this among the known counterfeits out there. I've written to the mint and a few sites but haven't heard anything back.

Anyone have any clue or may know someone who does?
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Different take on a two headed coin?
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Could you post a few high-quality pictures of the coin, including of the edge? The Silver Forum or the Collector's Universe forum might be able to help, but they'd need pictures too. Also, take it to a local coin dealer who can determine whether or not it has the correct precious metal content.
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Thanks for the links to the forums - I've applied for membership at the collector's universe.

Pics below
Obverse (George V)
Reverse (St. George)

Took the coin to a couple of dealers today and had it tested - it's the right weight and size, and tests for the correct gold content, so if it's a fake, or some kind of hack job, at least I wasn't ripped off on the bullion value.

Still find it very bizarre. Even if this is a one-of-a-kind ornamental piece, or some kind of two headed coin, why George V in 1963?
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In case it's helpful, the numismatic term for a coin with mismatched obverse and reverse is mule. The Wikipedia article contains some explanation of how they may occur.
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