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I know it is available in bars/breweries in keg format, but where can I buy it otherwise? I’m absolutely obsessed with it, and want it as a replacement for a glass of beer or wine.

It’s a cbd infused kombucha made by GT Living Foods, I believe. I’ve been looking online but having no luck at all. It has to be available in a different option besides just a keg, yes? I’m in NorCal if it matters, but easiest would be to order online, as I’m in the middle of nowhere.

It’s the tastiest thing in the world, and the only thing that I have found to be a thoroughly satisfying replacement for a glass of wine or beer, which I really would like to reduce consumption of.

Please help me find my bliss...
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I have seen it at my local Safeway (in NorCal) so there is definitely a distributor out here! If there's a BevMo or Total Wine within a reasonable distance they might special order it.
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Just to ask the obvious thing: have you tried contacting GTS Living Foods? They will know if it is available outside of the keg format (it might not be since it's listed as a seasonal specialty item) and they will also be able to point you at a distributor near you or has an online presence. In the best case scenario they might arrange something special for you.
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Is it the Dreamcatcher Wellness Water? This article says it is CBD-infused but GT's website says it has "gentle caffeine."

If that's not it, do you know what it's called?

Here is their product finder:
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