Laguardia to Pompton Plains NJ
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My sister, my one year old, and I will need to travel from LGA to pompton plains NJ at 800am on a Friday and be back to the airport by 830pm on Sunday night. What are our public transportation options to/from the airport?

I see a bus that is cheap but 2.5 hours, and a taxi is like $200 but only 40 minutes. Is there a train? If a train can dump us close to pompton plains we can Uber the rest of the way to our destination.
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Download Citymapper and map LaGuardia Airport to Pompton Plains, NJ. It will show you all viable options, including transit and Lyft and other means. It looks like for $120 to $140 you could take a Lyft. I'm seeing many transit options that involve buses and trains that take about an hour and 45 minutes. But there's no single train that would do it.
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.take a car.

Transit would be bus to the 7 train, 7 train to pabt, bus from pabt. That's not great. Your other option would be train + Uber from NYP. You'd take the E to nyp instead of the 7
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There are no trains that go to LGA. There's no public transit option that will take less than an hour and 45 minutes for this route. If you want to cut down on the cost of the car service, you might consider taking a cab from LGA to Port Authority Bus Terminal, and then taking the NJTransit Bus that goes to Pompton Plains (looks like route 194).
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Best answer: Pompton Plains is in a train dead zone. Closest station is about a 15 minute drive away but probably wouldn’t save you much time over the bus, and if you’re considering taking a car all the way out there traffic doesn’t seem to be a factor.

Personally I’d take a cab to Port Authority and get the bus to Pompton Plains. That seems like the best combo of speed and cost.
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I was going to say what Pfardentrott said. You can also get an airport bus from LaGuardia to the Port Authority. Lyft estimates LGA to PABT at $45-50 and $28-$32 shared. I'm not sure if you can do shared with two adults + 1 year old, but that's the same price as the airport bus.
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Yeah, none of your options are great. If you don't want to take a car service all the way there, you will spend a lot of time in order (bus to PA in morning rush, ugh) to save not a lot of money. Take the car service and don't waste your time. Especially considering you have a one-year-old.
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You probably know this already, but you need your own car seat for uber/taxi.

Another option is renting a car
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You're going to need a carseat for the baby if you plan on traveling in any car while you're here in NJ. It's illegal to hold an infant on your lap, even in the back seat. With that being said, are you going to have access to a car during your weekend here (are you going to need one)?

Either rent a car or take one from LGA to Pompton Plains. PP is definitely the 'burbs and there isn't much walking you can do. It's going to be sunny in the mid-to-high 80s with reasonable humidity. You lucked out - last weekend was gross. ;)
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone!
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