What movie scene(s) / show episode(s) am I remembering?
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A group of people enter a crowded frat/sorority/house party walking up the front steps and in through the front door. There is a staircase within the main hall (to their left?) that is also packed with people. This is a huge wild party with lots of excessive drinking, dancing and general peak of massive party energy. They proceed through the very crowded party/dance floor, through a kitchen (?) to a back yard that is also busy with people drinking / partying, possibly around a pool. Someone is puking in the bushes.

This may be my memory conflating many scenes, probably from shows or movies made in the 80's and 90's. My googling hasn't found even part of what I describe above. I'm interested in all scenes that have at least part of the above description. My brain is particularly stuck on the staircase and the dense crowd of people drinking and dancing at a house party as well as the puking in the bushes.

Everyone I ask immediately says "Animal House" but the scenes I find on youtube are not what I'm thinking, and besides that, I'm not sure I've seen that movie in it's entirety so it wouldn't be the scene I'm thinking of. I'm open to suggestions of specific scenes from this movie I may be missing as perhaps I've just forgotten seeing it.

Ideally I'm looking for youtube clips that show this/these scenes or direction to any way I can watch whatever suggestions online from Canada. Timestamps of scenes would be helpful if there is no direct link to video. Still looking for answers even if it can't be found online, thanks!
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Vaguely wondering if it's Revenge of the Nerds.
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Bachelor Party?
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could it be the party scene in Sixteen Candles? I feel like there was puking.
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Can’t Hardly Wait?
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Long shot, but Donnie Darko?
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Ten Things I Hate About You?
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Sounds like the house party in Clueless.
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10 Things I Hate About You (clip)
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The graduation party in Say Anything?
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Weird Science
House Party
Sixteen Candles
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Old School?
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Boogie Nights has a similar scene to this, not frat-located tho
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The tv show Greek had many scenes similar to what you're describing.
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I also thought of Can't Hardly Wait.
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Probably lots of episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and/or Veronica Mars as well.
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Mean Girls and Never Been Kissed both have house party scenes with packed staircases.
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This is unquestionably not the ur-scene, but there's an episode of Pretty Little Liars in which the girls enter a fraternity house during a party and proceed upstairs. In the interest of completeness...
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Can’t Hardly Wait. There are scenes of kids entering the foyer/ground floor of the party house while the place is packed with people, there’s a pool, a staircase, kitchen, music, people dancing, the whole bit.
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I'd like to nth Can't Hardly Wait as well as back up that this was definitely not Animal House.
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There are scenes of kids entering the foyer/ground floor of the party house while the place is packed with people

Here's a possibility from Can't Hardly Wait.
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Risky Business?
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I think something like this happened in Superbad?
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It's been a while since I've seen it, but I don't recall the house from the Sixteen Candles party having a pool?

OP, seeing as you're in Canada, maybe you're thinking of (****ing Tessa Campanelli) School's Out? There's a couple house parties in that, and it's available somewhere on YouTube. I'll nth everyone else's Can't Hardly Wait suggestions, though.
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The Sure Thing, maybe?
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I don't have access to clips now, but the description reminds me of the scene where Lloyd takes Diane to the graduation party in Say Anything.
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party scene from Less Than Zero?
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