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I am making a storytelling podcast for the kids in my life. Is there a way to make podcasts private but playable on a podcast app?

I am recording stories - as are other family and community members - for a series for the kids in my life. I am planning on using Audacity and editing them, adding music, having fun. I want them to be playable on a podcast app, but I do not want them to be publicly available (at least not without a password). Is this doable? Do I need to host them on my own page? I tried to Google this but it's not turning up answers and this is very outside my skills world. I am open to other suggestions for how to do this - the key is the ability to easily play/download as opposed to having to access a Dropbox/similar portal. Thank you!
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Find somewhere to host the files, create an RSS feed, and send them the link to subscribe through iTunes or whatever app they use.

(NB: I cannot help any further with the technical details! I just know that podcasts that offer special subscriber content have emailed me "here's a private RSS feed, add it to your app for the extra episodes" and it works.)
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Podcasts are just mp3 (or other audio) files with the Media Type set as Podcast. The issue is going to be how to get them loaded into the Podcast app. Is each kid going to have a different device or app? I find some apps can easily load from Dropbox links.
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Overcast supports uploading audio files to a private account from which the app can then download. Only useful if you're on iOS or web-based.
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If you have a web host of some sort, set up a PodcastGen install to make your own podcast feed. It's lightweight and does the job.
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If you have a website you can download this PHP script, put it in a folder, and then add mp3s to the folder and you can just point your podcast app at the folder.
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