When can I Follow up? (Swedish Vacation Edition)
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Hi, AskMe. :) I have a fantastic opportunity to do something with a Swedish company, and was told two things, that I should expect email from someone soon, and that they basically shut down in July due to vacations and such, so the process might take time. This was ~2 weeks ago. When is it acceptable to follow up?

I don't want to come off as pushy or anxious about this opportunity, even if from my perspective it's pretty awesome, and I recognize how slow things can get on vacation. I'm a bit worried about the process falling through the cracks, so to speak, which I recognize is probably a bit silly, since I have no idea what the internal side of things looks like. I'm just looking for etiquette guidanceā€¦ Can I follow up at two weeks? Am I better off waiting until August, when I'm told the company will be back from its vacation season? For context, this is pretty much waiting for paperwork I'll need to review and sign, even if it will presumably be handled mostly electronically.
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I would wait until August, since they said they weren't readily available in July.
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Best answer: Are you in the U.S.? I have dealt with Swedish companies in July and would not worry about it falling through the cracks, personally. I would wait until August (and respect their healthy observance of vacation) unless there's some reason on your end that it's absolutely necessary to settle things earlier.
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Best answer: I live in Sweden - they're probably at a cottage by the lake by now. I'd send a 'no problems, have a great holiday!' response now, and then follow up in August.

They are unlikely to be offended by a polite email, they understand that the rest of the world doesn't work the save way.
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Agree to let it lie low until August. Americans are generally told that the way to get ahead is to be more pushy, but the norm couldn't be further from that in Sweden , and people may be put off if they perceive you as such. Agree that they are unlikely to be put off by a polite e-mail, but don't be worried if you don't get a response.
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