Bicycling The Albanian Coast
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Anyone traveled in Albania recently? I'm looking to bicycle through the country in late April / early May (from Greece to Italy), and I'll be sticking to the coast. How is the road from Saranda to Vlora? It seems extremely mountainous and somewhat sketchy from the map...what do you think - bicyclable?

I'm open to any hints or experiences you might've had, especially at border crossings. Thanks!
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One of my CS professors is an avid cycler, and has biked all over Europe. Here's a link to the tour that he did which included part of coastal Albania (same time of year too), although it looks like he didn't do the part that you are going to do so I don't know how helpful it will be. He does have pics of the roads and stuff though. The rest of his cycling pages are pretty interesting too.
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I was planning on going to Albania (didn't, actually) and found heaps of information from people who've been there on the LP Thorn Tree forum.
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