What's the best free Mastodon client for iOS (and why)?
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What's the best free Mastodon client for iOS (and why)?

I was using TootDon, and I just got a message saying it's closing down, well, three days ago.
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I can’t give you “free,” but I was in the exact same boat with Tootdon and iOS, so I bought “Toot!” and it’s great.
Image descriptions are really easy, the interface is creative and easy to use, they block Gab. Search for screenshots to see if you like the look?
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Just pay the $3.99 for Toot!. It's worth it.
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To expand: Amaroq is kind of clunky due to being cross platform, Tusk appears to have stalled and dropped out of the App Store, Tootdon is defunct (and had kind of sketchy privacy policies anyway). Mast is $4.99, and while it has better iPad support, I don't enjoy using it as much as Toot!, which feels a lot like Tweetbot.
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Forgot about Tootle, which is probably the best of the free clients.
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I recently switched from Mastodon to Toot and like it more.
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