Need advice for a friend dealing with a suicidal sibling
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I have a friend who lives in the UK who has a brother with a history of drug use (mostly just marijuana) and minor mental issues. This person has attempted suicide in the past but was mostly a 'cry for help' attempt. The brother has had several unstable relationships and after the recent passing of their father he seems to have made his anguish worse. He's recently asked to be 'sectioned' and seems to be 'different' i.e. more serious about imminent future attempts.

Unfortunately, the brother leans very hard on my friend emotionally and it's become difficult for her to bare. He sometimes cries, shouts and is in extreme mental anguish. There seems to be little interest for real help from the medical professionals and little help that his family can give to him. He has been on and off of some medication. Looking for advice for my friend from anyone that has dealt with this. Thank you.
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I've heard good things on the green about the book "I'm not sick, I don't need help for advice on how to talk to loved ones who are refusing help.
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There isn't good provision in the NHS. Talk to Maytree about a short respite stay if possible and what else there is to be done.
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Thank you, I will pass these along!
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Depending where they are, the main mental health charities in the UK include Mind (England & Wales, I think) and SAMH (Scotland). It's not clear from a quick look at their websites whether they would actually provide any in-person help to your friend, but they do have various online resources which might be useful:

Here's the Mind page on supporting someone who has suicidal feelings with various other links down the left side, including a page on supporting yourself.

The SAMH website has a section called Being There for Someone, with various subsections leading to pdfs on related topics, including a page for Friends and Family, and How to Cope When Supporting Someone Else.
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