Robohead: Anybody use this?
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Graphic Design/Business Filter: My creative business is in serious need of a good Traffic management/scheduling software solution. So far we found Robohead. A web-based application. Anybody used this?

We currently have Clients & Profits - but that is more of a budgeting/time tracking software package (and one that is highly overrated and over priced). What we need a way to traffic and schedule design jobs to keep our team together and deadlines in focus and unconflicted. I don't want to create a custom FileMaker Pro solution or anything like that. Ugh! Too many headaches.

So Robohead? Any other reccomendations?
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I don't know how big your company is, but Aprimo (formerly SmartPath) is pretty amazing in terms of the breadth of its functionality. They've been around for about 10 years and are the 800-lb gorilla in this space. My former company (600+ employees) was beginning to implement when I left.

That said, Robohead looks pretty nice, and if you don't need things like a endless customizations, a robust API or integration with other enterprise apps or a 3rd-party document management system, Aprimo might be a tough expense to justify.
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Clarification: Our Design agency is very small - only 10 employees.
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Check out Sharedplan.
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