Where to buy a large metal ring?
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I just finished the large mandala, as seen here. Except that mine came out bigger than hers, and I now need a metal ring that's approximately 22.5 inches across. I actually bought one at Michael's that's 19 inches, which was the biggest they had, but it's too small. My internet sleuthing powers have failed me, so I am turning to MeFi! Or is there some other way I could mount it on the wall without the ring?
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You may want to look up pipe/metal rollers? There are a lot of vendors who will bend/roll a piece of metal pipe (like stainless steel) into a circle.
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I think this is probably roughly the same thing as a lamp shade bottom ring? I can only find 22" or 23" (not half inch sizes), but look here and here.
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One more lamp shade ring seller
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You may be able to starch it enough to hang on the wall neatly, though I'd add additional mount points so that all the weight isn't supported by one stitch.

Many starch options are water-soluble, so if it doesn't work out or you don't like the effect, you can just wash and block it again. Corn starch has worked well for me, but there are several other options.

An alternate option for the ring might be jewelry wire. I haven't worked much with memory wire and am not sure if it would do the job and allow for a nice clean ring form you don't have to mess with much, but regular non-memory wire would work (but would need you to form it yourself around something round after you attach it to your mandala.)

In conclusion, I'm really happy that doilies have made a comeback in mandala form, because they are super fun to make.
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Macrame hoops come in many sizes, including 23 inches.

Would a quilting hoop work? It looks like you attach the mandala to the metal hoop by crocheting over both, which I think would work here but you'd need extra yarn for the row that joins it to the hoop because the hoop itself is 3/4" high. I would just use the inner hoop if you plan to crochet the mandala onto it directly.

Sailing hardware also includes hoops, apparently.

That is a super intense and very impressive pattern!
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Oh my, pretty. Get some romex, the plastic-covered wire used for electrical wiring. Peel away the plastic and you'll have sturdy copper wire that you can form into a ring. You may need to tack it to something, as it may sag over time.

Or look for a big wreath ring, can be cut down and soldered to a specific size. 12in. diameter = 37.7in. circumference
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Most Weber grill grates (round) are 22.5 inches.....you could get at Home Depot.
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Deconstruct a tomato cage! Get one of the simple kinds with three rings … they usually come in different sizes.
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