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Do you have a really great personal trainer who is good with beginners? Are you in Washington, DC? Please share your recommendations!

I recently moved into an apartment building with a well-stocked gym and would like to learn how to safely use the equipment to strength train. I'm thinking about getting the help of a personal trainer.

Now, this is really important, though it might sound a little oversharey: I need a trainer who will believe me when I tell them I cannot do something. I've had too many bad experiences in gym settings with people interpreting my "I can't" as "I don't believe in myself" and responding with "yes you can, keep going, you got this!" I literally, PHYSICALLY CANNOT do a pushup and I need someone to meet me where I'm at without overestimating my abilities or assuming my problem is motivation. And I have difficulties with physical coordination that make it hard for me to follow instructions that involve placing my body in particular ways, such as dance steps. But I am motivated to do this and I want to become stronger and feel better. I want to believe there is someone who can help!
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I sent you a MeMail.
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Dave Ridings, at Physiology Fitness (near Mt. Vernon Square Metro), is fantastic! I can't say enough good things about him. I was really intimidated by the whole idea when I first started going to him, but he's been supportive and helpful all the way.

He has a degree in human physiology, and is skilled at adapting moves to my capabilities. He has all kinds of clients, including beginners like me (a fat middle-aged woman), my 70-something mom, people recovering from surgery, etc. I don't know if he or the other trainers at Physiology do house calls, but it couldn't hurt to contact PF for a consult.
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You need these people in DC! They are amazing and I guarantee will listen to and honor what you say about your own body and abilities.

If you are willing/able to go to Old Town Alexandria, I will proselytize to my dying breath about FitOne Studio, but you specifically said DC and it's even harder to get to Alexandria now with the Metro shut-down. If you can do Alexandria, MeMail me and I will arrange an introduction to my people there. I'm not exaggerating when I say they fully changed my life.
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