Watching the World Cup final in Paris
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I’m in Paris, staying just south of Norte Dame. I’d love to find a convenient place to watch the World Cup final tomorrow. It starts at 5pm local. It might be just 2 of us, or possibly a group as large as 10, so flexible is best. Bonus side question: is there a good nearby place for breakfast out on a Sunday? Most of the places I found through previous AskMe questions are closed Sundays, or are far from me.
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I was in Paris two weeks ago, and every time a WC game was being played it was on TV in lots of bars in the Latin Quarter. So my guess is that all you'll have to do is walk around until you see a bar where it's playing.
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Best answer: I also watched the Euro Cup matches in the Latin Quarter, bars are pretty much the only places that have TVs so everyone goes to them. If you want a specific one, with the caveat that I found it fairly expensive and the food not very good, The Bombardier is one of a small chain of Anglo bars, right on the Panthéon. Supposedly they specialize in traditional British cask ales, but they were out the time I went. Definitely have TVs, definitely would be showing the match. I think if you head west, towards but not into the Sorbonne, you'll probably find a bar catering to students that will be a better value and more lively.

For Sunday, how about Le Loir dans La Théière, about 1100m from Notre Dame? Pariesienne Clotilde Dusolier recommends it in her "Edible Adventures" book, especially for vegetarian dishes. Open every day 9 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.
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Response by poster: The Bombardier worked out just fine. We didn’t try Le Loir but might later in the week!
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