CVSircadian Rhythm Disorder
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I have: five prescriptions at CVS that all get filled on different days of the month. I want: all five prescriptions to get in sync and stay in sync. Complication: I make med adjustments not infrequently. Have you gotten this to work? Tell me your secrets.

I'm usually on a lot of meds. Right now it's five different prescriptions. I fill them at CVS.

Those prescriptions are all out of sync. Some of them started that way, because my doctor made a single med change in the middle of the month. Some of them got that way: my doctor added two meds at the same time — but somehow, mysteriously, after a few months, CVS was filling them a few days apart anyway, and they've continued to drift further apart ever since.

Because of frequent med changes and dosage adjustments, mail order pharmacy isn't an option. I have to keep filling someplace local.

Additional constraints:
  1. Insurance won't let me fill a prescription early
  2. If I fill a prescription more than a few days late, I have to miss doses
  3. Not all of my prescriptions are written by the same doctor
Have you successfully combatted this and gotten all your prescriptions to fill on the same day and keep filling on the same day? How did you do it?
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I’ve actually talked to the pharmacist about it! I think once I had to pay out of pocket for some pro-rated part of a month. But worth it.
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Wallgreens is now doing something called OneTrip, I think. They have me set up on it but I haven't made my first pick up yet.
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CVS offers something called ScriptSync which seems like it might do what you want.
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It's going to depend on your insurance company. We tried to use Walgreen's service and BC/BS doesn't support it.
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Talk to the pharmacist. I did this a while back and it turned out to be no big deal for them to synch everything up at the place I go to, and it is way more convenient to just go once a month.

The frequent med changes may throw some wrenches in the works, but hopefully it isn't anything they can't work around.
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I couldn't get ScriptSync to work on their website, but they were able to set it up for me in person. Thanks, everyone.
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ScriptSync through the CVS site doesn't appear to work all that well, and some of terms & conditions were unclear at best (this was ~6 months ago, hopefully it's better now).

Nthing talk to a pharmacist (not a tech). Mine was able to smooth everything over and get everything synced up. You may need to repeat this conversation periodically to handle any mid-cycle Rx changes. It's so nice not to have to make a trip to the pharmacy 3-5x a month -- I wish I'd known about this option years ago.
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