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It's been two years since the last time I asked this question, and it's time to update the play list. I am looking for pop music from all round the world, in as many different languages as possible, to compile into a Spotify playlist for use at a large conference in Las Vegas next month.

You can find my existing playlist here, which is now two years out of date. Hit me up with your favorite tunes in French, German, Italian, Chinese, Swahili, whatever - the more different languages and the more world flavor, the better.
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KEXP has a great weekly show called WoPop that you might want to take a peek at.
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This is my favorite Russian pop song of the last year or so - Leningrad ft. Gluk’oZа (ft. ST) Ju-Ju. The video is also incredible and you can put on English subtitles.
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Altın Gün is a (semi)-Turkish psychedelic rock band based in Amsterdam. Their new album is so so so good.
Goca Dünya is one of their slightly older songs (like 1.5 years old). And Süpürgesi Yoncadan is off of the new album. The video is pretty fun.
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Some French artists I like are Albin de la Simone and Elista.
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I hear a lot of great international music through KEXP's WoPop (world) and El Sonido (Latin music from Central/South/Middle America + Spain), and Sophisticated Boom Boom on WFMU (female-fronted pop, a lot of choice international selections). The "Killing Eve" soundtrack playlist on Spotify is great too.

I started going through my fave songs playlist to pick out some examples but there's too much - so I broke it out into its own playlist. Hope you enjoy.
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This is so cool! I'd like to introduce(?) you to SHISHAMO, a female Japanese 3-piece pop/rock band. Their latest single OH! has a super catchy chorus and is really popular right now. It's a great uplifting song about loving who you are, the chorus is so catchy, it's such a feel-good pop hit.
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A few songs in Icelandic (youtube links):

Prins Póló - Niðrá strönd

Ásgeir - Heimförin

Mugison - Þjóðarsálin

Lay Low - Gleðileg blóm
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The Listen Outside website seems tailormade for you.
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This might not quite fit the bill but I recently heard the song "Nomalizo" by Letta Mbulu and it's really fantastic. It's in a couple languages. Wait for the chorus to hit! It's from 1985 so maybe this is well known but hey.
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kariebookish - Oh that's brilliant, thank you so much!
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