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What are the best fake diamond stud earrings I can buy?

I'd like to buy some diamond-ish stud earrings. I'm thinking biggish (1.5–2 carats total weight), sort of straddling neat/preppy casual and dressed up. They must be set in gold (my ears demand it). I'd like the setting to be substantial (no broken-off posts!)

Ideally, something that might pass as actual diamonds, but not, you know, that.

I'd love links to products — I feel like I understand what to look for in principle, but don't know where to find the studs of my dreams. Thanks, pals.
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Best answer: Nordstrom cubic zirconia studs get rave reviews for quality and believability (all sizes), and they have a 14k gold option. Here is the 2 carat.
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The Nordstrom studs are great, and gold-plated -- if you need 14k/18k gold, check out Charles and Colvard lab-grown moissanite studs.
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Came to recommend the Nordstrom ones. They look great in person.
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Check out Ross-Simon jewelers online. They have CZ jewelry, some set in 14K gold.
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Response by poster: I have ordered the Nordstrom studs! Will go from there to nicer options. Thank you!
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Response by poster: The Nordstrom studs are good! The 2 carat total weight size is VERY plausible and does not look at all cheesy or fake!

(I also looked at the Ross-Simons ones but got real distracted and ...uhhh .... bought these ridiculous green chandelier earrings.)
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