How to make habits 'sticky'. Book rec on behavior change or an App?
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Greetings, I am looking for a book recommendation on behavior change. I am reading Switch, is there a better book or even an app you would recommend on how to create change in your personal life? Hacks for creating new habits?
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Atomic Habits by James Clear is great.
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2nding Atomic Habits.
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Habit Tracker, formerly HabitBull really helped me
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3rding Atomic Habits --it covers just about every system.
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I came here to recommend Atomic Habits also.
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The Power of Habits worked for me. Also the Insight Timer course How to Change Unwanted Habits by Hugh Byrne. I believe he also has a book out.
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Based on quick research, James Clear (Atomic Habits) seems to make a lot of the same key points that B J Fogg makes re Tiny Habits. You can sign up for a (free) 5-day session on the website.

Related TED Talk.
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There was a similar question asked in May - Best Reads in Behavioral Science. It was framed in such a way that the word "habit" only got one mention in the question, so you may not have seen it if you looked for previous ask.mefi's. I'm linking it here because there were a couple of other suggestions for books in the comments (besides Atomic Habits, Power of Habits, and Tiny Habits, which all came up there too).
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Atomic Habits and (for Android) Habit Loop.
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Not a book, just a quick tip. From the first moment you are “tested” (i.e. required to choose whether to comply with the plan) remember that by choosing wrong you’ll set a precedent making all subsequent behavioral change much, much harder. This raises the stakes and focuses the concentration.

Choose to stick with the plan, not because it’s so fantastically right and important, and you’re so zestfully compliant, but to protect the very idea of any change in your life ever. Make the choice for that reason, which is way more important and far-reaching than any pizza slice or whatever.
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Nthing Atomic Habits. That book is life-changing.
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Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin. Particularly if you struggle with habit building more than other people. She has a personality framework that argues that people react to expectations differently (their own and other peoples'), which can have a large impact on how they form and maintain habits. It helped me a lot to realise that I instinctively resist both the expectations of other people and the expectations that I put on myself, which has a lot of impacts on my life, particularly that habit forming systems created or enforced by other people generally don't work for me.
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Came here to recommend Better than Before. Specifically, the idea that people are Upholders, Questioners, Rebels or Obligers, while not supported by anything scientific, is still a useful framework. According to her personality quiz, I'm a Questioner with a touch of Rebel - thus things like external accountability which work great for Obligers (people who respond well to external expectations) don't work for me - I need to understand the why (the Questioner piece) and feel like I'm freely choosing to do something in that moment (the Rebel bit). So I do things like can-do lists (rather than to-do lists), basically presenting things to me that I could do, if in that moment I really want to. I have a reminder set to floss my teeth at 12:30 pm every day, but I feel free to ignore it, thereby flossing my teeth 2 or 3 times a week, which is a lot more than I did before. I never tell people when I plan to lose weight, because I know their attempts to motivate me will only irritate me - I do better when I just decide to do something and do it. You are likely different but this book will figure out what habit-forming strategies will work for you (she presents a large number of them and you can figure out which ones appeal to you).
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