Squeaky Bag!
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I recently purchased a new bag (Gravis Digi) and when I walk, the thing squeaks like a sonofabitch.

I'm not even sure what's making the squeaking, but the sound seems to travel along the strap of the bag, up my shoulder, straight through my ear canal, and into the part of my brain that registers annoyance. I can even hear it when listening to my iPod. Friends point and laugh. Children cry. Small animals run away. Help me!
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Mink oil?
posted by ChasFile at 10:04 AM on March 1, 2006

I have a bag that squeaks - on mine, it's the plastic connector from the bag to the strap (plastic on plastic squeak). I wrapped a small strip of black canvas around the D ring and it stopped. Now, keeping the fabric on is another matter...
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Get a little piece of paraffin wax and run it in the joint of the plastic connectors, should get rid of the noise. Also works as a great lubricant on metal zippers. I always have a piece in my shoe kit.
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Sorry, I used to work for Gravis.

But I have the same bag and it squeeks.

I JUST e-mailed the warranty department and asked for advice. I will post what they say. :)
posted by k8t at 1:13 PM on March 1, 2006

Response by poster: Thanks, k8t!
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Best answer: the word from warranty:

"Good to hear from you. You might try using a Silicone spray it will stop the squeaking."

I'll give it a try!
posted by k8t at 12:27 AM on March 2, 2006

Response by poster: Thanks! I will give it a try... Failing that, I'll try the other suggestions here. Thanks everyone.
posted by Robot Johnny at 6:36 AM on March 2, 2006

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