What video set-up to interview somebody?
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I would like to start a series where I interview people and video-record them. The quality should be good enough to put these interviews on YouTube, Instagram, etc. (is this called a "vlog"?) I'm trying to figure out the best way to do this on a limited budget.

I think I could point my iPad at the interviewee and me and it would be okay. I've sung songs with my husband in that manner (iPad on a tripod) and the sound isn't too bad, but I would like to explore other options.

A snag would be that these people will sometimes be visual artists and, in those cases, I'd like to walk around their studios while we're talking.

I know this isn't going to look professional, but I'd like these videos to look pretty good.

Should I buy two lavalier mics to plug into the iPad? Or is there some other way that would be better?

I say iPad because I don't really want to spend the money on a new video camera and I have a feeling that it's not necessary -- it's the sound that's the major issue, I believe.

Any help, free associations, etc., welcome! thanks
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Best answer: I've shot videos on an iphone 6 using these lav mics which have later been picked up by broadcast TV with no sound issues, so I think you'd be fine on that front. These were stationary, using a monopod to hold the phone still. If you want to move around, you might want to invest in a steadycam/gimbal - I've not used one so no recommendations I'm afraid, and I would imagine that would be easier with a phone than an ipad (because the phone is small enough to fit into a small bracket on a hand-held steadycam-type device).
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In a recent video, Adam Neely said he thought the most important technical aspect of a YouTube video is sound quality. And, I noticed that Ben Levin posted a video in which he was holding a Tascam sound recorder, which suggests to me that he replaces the sound track recorded by his video camera with the track from the Tascam.

I have a Tascam and I find it easy to use, i.e. not especially picky about being pointed just so, or at just some exact preferred distance.

Separately, I recently found out that the Panasonic cameras are preferred for YouTube-type videos because they have better sound recording than the competition. This comment was made in a discussion of mirrorless cameras.

I'd be interested in other people's comment about how video editing software helps (or doesn't) with this issue.
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Response by poster: penguin pie's suggested lavalier mics have been BOUGHT. Thank you.
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