Shanghai in July
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I'll be in Shanghai on business for a week the last week of July. There will be at least 3 of us coming from the US and we will be tied up in meetings until about 5PM daily. Looking to get the most out of the trip when we're not working.

I've never been to Shanghai (I've been to other spots in China and Vietnam) and am looking for advice on:
- things to see
- things to do
- things to avoid
- books, website, etc to immerse quickly

Anything that can make the most of the time in the city. I don't speak the local language, though I'm work-friendly with other people we will be working with there.

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Yu Gardens!
Also, do the Lost Plate evening food tour.
We just did this a week ago, ping me on the backchannel for more - I can be more specific if I know where you are in the city.
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I'm not sure about your budget, but Shanghai Insiders do a very good tour which should give you a nice overview. I did their sidecar tour, and it was really great.

Ba Guo Bu Yi is really good Sichuan food and they have a Face Changing show at 7pm every night which I really enjoyed. My lack of Chinese wasn't a problem. I just pointed at other diners' food to order.
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I don't speak the local language

I haven't visited for a decade, so I'm sure all my tourism knowledge is out of date, but you should know that the government has been pushing Mandarin for decades now, to the point where many of the younger generation can no longer speak Shanghainese. So don't worry about that.
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