Absurdist re-imaginings of common software GUIs
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I am looking for projects that recreate/simulate common software UIs with a twist. Specifically, I'm not looking for projects that do anything useful - I'm looking for art projects, games, and the like.

I have a soft spot for projects that recreate utilitarian software UIs (file browsers, web browsers, entire OSs) with an absurdist bent. I know I've seen a bunch of these before, but I can only find a few examples: Windows 93 and Hypnospace Outlaw.

Any other examples you can provide would be greatly appreciated!
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(From my kids, many years ago)
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Currently trending on Hacker News: User Inyerface: "A challenging exploration of user interactions and design patterns."
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Her Story might qualify, it turns an absurdly limited 90's-esque search interface into a key play mechanic.
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Some of Pippin Barr’s work fits perfectly into this category:

It is as if you were doing work

Let's Play: Ancient Greek Punishment: UI Edition
It is as if you were making love
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Writer! is a word processor for PICO-8, which as an imaginary 8 bit console is maybe itself adjacent to your interests.
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Worst Volume Controls.
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I dunno if my fake Bloomberg Terminal counts.
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I dunno if my fake Bloomberg Terminal counts.

Oh my God it absolutely does, if I could mark something as Best Best Answer I would.
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Also recently User Inyerface has been going around. It's an attempt to design a maximally user-unfriendly login screen.
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You might be interested in Kingsway – a recent game that's an old-school RPG played entirely through an ersatz Windows 95 interface.
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Progress Quest?
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Does creepy Lovecraftian Windows 95 Tips, Tricks, and Tweaks count?
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Kai's Power Tools. This was not fake—this was a powerful plugin for Photoshop that had a completely bonkers interface paradigm—the link above shows some screen grabs. This came out in the late 90s. See also KPT Bryce for generating landscape images.
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DontClick.it (Flash warning) is sort of half-serious, experimenting with movement-based navigation in a variety of contexts and penalizing you if you do click anything.
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