Backing up / exporting website for dummies
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I'm working hard on my writer website using Journo Portfolio. I want to back up and export it, but there aren't a lot of built-in options--currently they only let you export as pdf. How can I use other sites/ services to help me do those things?
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Is it a single page? You can right-click on the page and choose Save Page As (FFox), or Ctrl+S. Save to a folder.
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From what I can tell, it looks like their business model depends on a captive audience (i.e. make it hard to export to other platforms, such as a self-hosted Wordpress).

If I were you I'd simply write and save each blog post (including tags and other meta-data) as a separate Word or text file, and then paste that document into the platform.

A work-around (not recommended but it is possible) would be to produce the PDF and then extract your text from that. (I personally use NitroPDF but there are tons of other options available, even Microsoft Word now has that capability IIRC.)
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The computer program wget was designed specifically to download websites. It's a program for programmers. Nothing user friendly about it for the non-techie. Has versions for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X. I looked at the page source for a sample portfolio on journoportfolio dot com. wget would work on it. I've been away from programing too long to know what are the current 'rent a coder' sites where you post a problem, they bid to get the task, you pick one.

If you saw The Social Network movie, wget was one of the tools Zuckerberg used to download the photos from the various house's face books.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all.

Here is my website.

It's not a single page site. I have multiple pages, each of which contains numerous links, complete with appropriate photos, tagging, text snipppets.

I have a spreadsheet with the links, but that's all the info I have.

There are no blog posts to save.

I'll look into wget and see if I can find someone to help with it--also will check the "rent a coder" sites.
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