Where can I find business case studies?
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I got hooked on reading business case studies (they're like a weird cousin of longform magazine articles -- I just like 'em), and I've run out of my supplies. The Harvard Business Review books don't appear to be case studies, but mostly articles (and I generally don't enjoy HBR articles). I'm happy to pay for them, but buying case studies from HBR one at a time is prohibitively expensive. I've found a few released by consulting firms in the wild, but I would love a stable source of them. Thanks!
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Best answer: The HBR subscription page says that a premium ($18/month) subscription gives you "A SELECTION OF 45+ CASE STUDIES: Immerse yourself in real-world challenges faced by leaders and organizations with curated collections of Harvard Business School case studies." So it seems like you could subscribe for a month and download those cases.
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Do you have access to a post-secondary library? You can get the articles for free depending if the library has purchased the database.
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Opencourseware type sites? Check out the course materials posted for MBA courses in the business school.
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The Journal of Business Case Studies and Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies are open access and they are still publishing so they should be a stable source.

The rest of these seem more one and done or inconsistently updated:

MERLOT is a directory of open education resources and you can filter for business case studies.

MIT Sloan School of Management has a bunch of case studies. Look to the left menu for specific business areas. Arcadia Institute of Case Studies has some as well, they look older based on the web design.

There are some case studies from The Times 100 Business Case Studies - the regular website appears to be hijacked, so I'm linking to the waybackmachine version.
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used MBA textbooks
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