Android app for daily goal setting
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I want an app where I can set my goals for the day in the morning, and check off what I achieved at night.

Most to do lists I have found are about maintaining a general, long term to do list.

I am looking for something explicitly daily, so that each day I can set a small list of goals to focus on that day (I imagine max 3, but that doesn't need to be a constraint in the app) and each evening check if I accomplished those goals (and, ideally but not required, also be able to list any goals I accomplished that I didn't list in the morning).

Having a scheduled notification morning and evening to do the goal setting/checking off would be good.

It would be nice if previous entries were saved in some back-uppable way, but not crucial to me.

I really want the satisfaction of checking things off, so just writing things as text is not best.

I don't mind if the app also does other things/can be used in other ways, as long as using it the way I've described is relatively easy and intuitive.
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I use Google Keep Notes for exactly this: three tasks a day with a checkmark next to them. It has reminders to set tied to time or location, and some other fancy stuff like color-coding. Create a new list each day/evening, or just add new tasks to the top of your existing list.
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Best answer: I use Do It Tomorrow. There is one list for today and one for tomorrow; if you need to you can push tasks forward, but when you do the task, the app draws an extremely satisfied "crossed out" line through the whole thing.
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I use my gmail calendar to set reminders and goals. I don't use it extensively,and I suspect it has more capacity than I use,and that might be useful to you. It's especially useful for me because it's integrated into my android phone.
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Habitica might be good for this.
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I use Google Keep for something like this. I actually use it for my shopping list, but the same idea applies. I use the check boxes. When I check something off, it moves it under the line that's there. If I want to use that the next time, I just uncheck it. If it's something I won't use again, then I can have the app delete those checked off boxes. I know I'm not describing it well.
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Best answer: If the tasks are different each day, Tick Tick. If they're the same, Loop Habit.
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Response by poster: Good point for clarification: yes, I meant three different tasks per day, not repeating.
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I use an app at for daily habits that repeat (like a daily walk). I also use Google Keep (as some others recommended). With Keep, you can "Pin" a list so it stays at the top. If you open a list, you can add a bookmark to that specific list in your browser. I also use the Keep widget to make my pinned list available on my phone's main menu.
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