Argentina filter: Choscamus or Lobos for the eclipse tomorrow?
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Hopping a last minute flight to Buenos Aires for the eclipse tomorrow with a plan to land and head straight into the path of totality for sunset. Has anyone been to Chascomús or Lobos? Any car rental tips or local driving quirks to be aware of? Would love any perspective the metafilter community has to offer. Thanks as always! :)
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The main local driving quirk that Argentines have is that they drive like fucking maniacs. They are extremely aggressive drivers, and they reject concepts like “lanes” and “the right of way” as fascist impositions on the freedom of individual expression. If you’ve driven in Southern Europe or Latin America before, Argentina is that turned up to 11; if you haven’t, you might consider sticking to mass transit and taxis.

On the plus side, the roads are in pretty good shape.
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I learned the hard way that it's illegal to drive on the highways, even during the day, without your headlights on. Got shaken down by the feds for a $150 bribe.

Driving in Buenos Aires is stressful and not highly recommendable since mass transit is so easy, but the math looks different once you're out of the city (until you get up to the mountains in the Northwest, where again, I concur with strangely stunted trees that I felt very out of place as a cautious and risk-averse driver on narrow mountain passes). There are cheap, easy long-range bus (omnibus) routes to Chascomús for sure; if your timeline allows I'd check those out. They depart from the Retiro station in downtown BsAs.
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Here's one site where you can see and reserve bus tickets to Chascomús. It's about a 2 and a half hour ride.
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