Good parks for people-watching in Hong Kong
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On trips to China, I've been enchanted by the great variety of group activities in parks. I saw ballroom dancing and hackysack at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, and catwalk displays in the People's Park in Chengdu. In my last trip to Hong Kong, I saw lone exponents of Sword TaI Chi in the zoo area in Central, which was a nice start to the day but not in the same league as Beijing hackysack. Are there parks in Hong Kong that approach the same social spirit as those in mainland China?
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Maybe Kowloon Park on Nathan Road? I've seen groups there doing Tai Chi in the very early morning.
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you'll see people doing tai chi and other activities every day in Victoria Park - the key is to get there early in the morning as that's usually when people do it. sundays in the park you can also see model boat races later on. (stay away for the next couple of days though - July 1 is the anniversary of the handover, and there will be large protests starting in the park).
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Thank you, that was helpful. I like the sound of the model boat races.
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